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Tutorship Program

We create an environment where children from underprivileged areas, typically going to failing schools get tutored in Mathematics and English literacy by the best teachers.

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Housing Project

For young people of school going age who become homeless due to various circumstances. We build secure homes within their community and/ plot. The homes are built by women and youth in the community.



Advocacy Through the Arts

We use performance arts, film and media to advocate against social ills, economic and legislative barriers against education, security and progress of children and young people who live in poverty


The Uniform Drive

Many underprivileged South African children go to school with old and unsuitable, annually, we connect individuals and businesses with children in need of school uniforms for the prospective year.

Adopt A School initiative

This is an opportunity for companies/churches can embark on influencing a specific school, projects ranging from cultural (such as music and arts) to infrastructure initiatives(such as building a library) with the aim of impacting the school in the long-term, in a manner that is sustainable.

Move It Forward

This our version of hospice, an in-kind initiative that gives people and/ companies can give away things they no longer use (from clothes to furniture, to electronics) to people who can put them to use. We match the donations to people with the specific needs